Occupation of Guernsey

28th JUNE - Air attack over St Peter Port harbour. Tomato trucks awaiting export are heavily bombed by German aircraft killing 33 people and injuring many more, these attacks then continue at several other sites across the island. The BBC then announce the demilitarisation of the island on the 9 o`clock news.

1st JULY - Major Albrecht Lanz arrives at Guernsey airport, he is the first military Commander to arrive in the island.
As the war in the west changes tack, Hitler focuses on building fortifications in the island to turn the Channel Islands into a 'Impregnable Fortress' as detailed in the Fortification Directive.

Later in the year thousands of workers from the Organisation Todt arrive to commence work on the fortifications around the island.
MAY - The Guernsey Underground News Service 'GUNS' begins to publish its news sheets.

JUNE - All wireless sets belonging to the civilian population are ordered to be handed over to the Germans.

SEPTEMBER - Over 2,000 Channel Islanders are deported to internment camps principally at Biberach, Laufen, Dorsten and Wurzach.
17th NOVEMBER - Thirty one personnel from HMS Charybdis and HMS Limbourne are buried with full military honours in Guernsey. Over 5,000 islanders turn out for the ceremony.

SEPTEMBER - Oberst Rudolf Graf von Schmettow replace Major General Muller in Guernsey as commander of all German forces in the Channel Islands.
AUGUST - As St Malo is re-captured by Allied forces the Channel Islands occupying forces last supply link with France is cut off.

DECEMBER - The Red Cross ship 'Vega' arrives in Guernsey with much needed food supplies to save the population from starvation.
FEBRUARY - Vice Admiral Huffmeier replaces Von Schmettow in Guernsey as overall commander.

9th MAY - The Germans surrender to combined British forces, Force 135 led by Brigadier Snow lands on Guernsey and the long five years of German occupation are finally over.

Restored Fortifications

Fort Hommet
Situated in Castel on the north arm of Vazon Bay, a 10.5cm gun casemate is completely restored with the original gun and equipment as used during the occupation.

Open April to October on Saturdays from 2pm - 4:30pm.

Admission charge: Adult 3.00GBP Child 1.50GBP

Pleinmont Tower

Situated in Torteval at Pleinmont, this five storey Observation Tower has a commanding view of the South and West Coast. Original rangefinders can be seen and even used. There is also a reconstructed barrack room.

Open April to October on Wed and Sun from 2pm - 4:30pm.

Admission charge: Adult 3.00GBP Child 1.50GBP